Artist Statement

For nine months of the year, I photograph sports. There is a certain artistry about stopping sports action--getting the right expression on the face, getting the ball going into the net, and catching the hit just right to see the sweat explode from the athletes faces. I love the rush of getting it just right. I love the rush of knowing that my images will be on the walls of these kids, and their parents, for at least another generation.

Then it stops. When the college baseball season ends, the college sports season ends. And it ends abruptly. Some years, I simply stand on the third baseline and gaze at the celebration of the winners--knowing it is done.

For the next couple of months, I can spend time wandering around the countryside. I can take the time to photograph things that do not move. I can make images of things that are not sweating. I can take images on film, and in monotones. I can relax. It is my time to recharge the battery, and sharpen the saw.

This site is the result of that relaxation.

It is not meant to mean anything. It evokes feelings in me--feelings of time, of the breeze, of silence.

I used to look at this world from inside my car as I drove past it. I used to look at the world from a corner office, with the hum of florescent lights constantly in my ears. I used to stare out of the conference room at the sky and wonder what it would be like to stand on the other side of the horizon and look back.

I do that now.

This is what I see. I hope you can feel it as well.