Welcome to the Pappa Orr Blog

You’ve found your way to the blog.

As everyone else in the world is doing, I am putting my life on the internet for all to see.

I post point and figure charts and analysis of crypto-currencies almost daily on Reddit.  I wanted to create a place where those charts are archived and where I can direct people who have questions about how the charts work and some research on the Crypto world.

Some of my other posts have to do with my former life as a photographer.  Still more detail the experience of dealing with multiple family members with who my wife and I have walked and are walking that last mile.  Some of the stories are sad, most of them are irreverent, and still more are just there so that I can look back on the moments that we laughed about afterwards.

These stories are personal and some of them contain some pretty dark humor.  Some are just tibits, comments, or observations of dealing with people in their eighties through their nineties.  We haven’t had anyone get to 100 yet.

I swear that is not my fault.