My Message to a Millennial

[A very long response made to a reddit poster about “my generation.”]

What generation do you think I am?

I am the same generation as our President.  While some charts and tables have me a Boomer, I am on the very tail end, on the cusp.  I share many more traits with Gen Xers.  Having lived my life dealing with the mess the Boomers make of just about everything, I do not consider myself a Boomer.  And today, its all about how you “identify” isn’t it?

We grew up having the smell their ass. We watched their stupid hippie shit.   We watched the war protests, but we were way too young to deal with it.  (At least the Boomers knew how to protest, have a riot, and get shit done.)  We watched them take over the supervisor and manager roles before us.  We watched them “go for it” during the roaring eighties and nineties.  THEY were the Masters of the Universe.  Not us.

Gen X’ers always had racially diverse classes and schools.  Jim Crow was long gone.  We did not have race riots.  We did not protest much.  We are a cynical bunch.  “Our War” was the Gulf War I.  We won it.  And we went home.

We bought our first homes during the economic horror show of the late 1980’s and early 90’s.  Our first mortgage rate was 15%, adjustable.  And we were thrilled to get it.

The Boomers were the rat going through the snake.  We came afterwards.  When we showed up, the people dealing with us were just sick of kids, in general.  They were worn out.

We worked for the Boomers, and did better than they did. Now I watch them pushing carriages at the local Walmart because they bought that McMansion and got a home equity loan that I sold them for 135% of their home value. They wanted everything with free money. They use  quick payday loans on the internet which my generation will never understand.

So, let me make some observations about the mess you are in now.  And, if you did not notice….its a real mess.  We’ve been talking about it for years.  You are just starting to live it.

You guys whine at colleges–and do not let the press in because you don’t trust them to get your convoluted and stupid message out.  I saw a protest story from Amherst College.  Their list of things they were protesting was literally thirty DIFFERENT things.  I guess Amherst doesn’t have a marketing course or a communications course to be as good as the professionals from  One issue.  One protest.  Focus!

You guys did not learn that lesson. Your teachers did not teach you about life. They taught you what they think you need to know.  They taught to the test.

You guys do not understand basic life skills. You guys get out of college and cannot manage your lives. You rely on methods that are impersonal and imperfect, when you should be relying on building real life networks of real people.

You should be learning how to learn from successful people and study how they did it. Not because you want to repeat their success…but because you want to evolve and adjust to get to their end point more efficiently and with helping more people along the way.  You seem to hate success.  Is it because profit and money are bad?  Or is it because you can’t have it.

I like Reddit because you can find a lot of great news, funny stories, and I get to see how you 15-30 year olds think.

It is hilarious to see the range of little kids thinking what college they go to matters, getting an asshole teacher that expects results, seeing their view of ‘fairness’ crushed by the real world, and their sad stories of slutty sexual relations and how they are sad that no one can get along. I see you bitch to the government about student loans. (You obviously do not know where the loans came from…you want the government to give you money, and then not pay the government give it back!)

I see how every institution gets destroyed in favor of those that were popular in the turn of the last century. Churches are going down in flames. Youth groups are looked as pedophile targets.  Tell someone you were a Boy Scout and they look at you funny.  Tell them you are an Eagle Scout, and you are labeled as a weirdo.

I watched how you played sports in high school…not for the team work, sportsman ship or enjoyment. Your parents had you going to $1500 summer sports camps so that you could get a full boat to college. Not knowing that there was a lot more money to good colleges on academic scholarships.

I saw that many building and institution are now installing surveillance cameras because bad guys are growing in numbers. There are many cctv installation companies such as SecurityInfo ( to enhance safeness and privacy.

Your means of communication are sloppy, inconsistent, and cloudy as hell.

[Edit….I appreciate that I left “hell” misspelled in the original posts.  I was replacing “fuck” so my wife would not get mad at me.  I guess I should have just left the original.]

What are penny stocks? You are constantly offended by stuff that wasn’t intended as offensive–but since you never actually “speak” to each other you cannot tell. You take EVERYTHING literally, but you are not literal.

Look up the outrage over the use of the term niggardly. A perfectly good old English word. But try using it in a conversation on a college campus.  Try using it in a blog.  Clearly I am not niggardly with my use of words.

Unleash the Kraken, and let the outrage fly.

I often direct an Millennial to call someone. Its like asking them to pull a barbed hook out of their ass. You are programmed to text or email. Calling is faster, more effective, and you can actually get a sense of the response.

You think that every obstacle in your way: financial, political, social is “HUGE”, serious, new, and that you are the first generation to come across it. Check out great article for more info.

That’s normal.

Every generation thinks that. Every generation eventually grows out of it.

Yours seems to be having some issues.  Your sense of “fairness” seems to be based on not only equality of opportunity, but you want equality of results.

In the real world that is not going to happen.

I guess the most amusing thing is that this is the first generation of parents who have access to their children’s personal lives far into their teens and twenties. If not their own kids, certainly their peers. It is hilarious to watch you painfully navigate the teen to twenty years.

Our parents never knew what my twenty something life was life. They never knew I was eating mac and cheese three nights a week. The never knew about my relationships that lasted hours, rather than weeks.  They never knew of my failures, only my successes.

This is part of growing up.

What is hilarious is that you think all of those things, and you think your solutions matter, or are going to work.

Your solutions do not matter.

Your solutions are not going to work.

In ten years they will. But not yet.

You have to learn how to lose and make mistakes. You have to stop asking your parents to help.

I see how the definitions of the “Fourth Turning (Strauss)” are coming to life in front of my eyes. You should look at it and make some plans accordingly.

Your generation is in for a rude awaking. The economy is far from strong. The debt load you are carrying is huge. And your knowledge of history, the economy, and wars is so dim that you are destined to learn a hard lesson.

Luckily, my generation missed the draft.

Yours will not only live to enjoy it, you will deal with issues HERE that will make Paris look like a picnic.

Your Loan payments back to the are being used to fund the EBT culture. If YOU default, where do you think the subsequent cuts are going to go. You guys have racked up $1 Trillion dollars in student loan debt.  5% of the total US Debt is student loans.  And that has been accumulated in less than ten years.

“All of this taken into consideration, no one should be surprised if way more than 23% the student loans that are in repayment are indeed “troubled,” which is precisely what is so terribly frustrating about the current news cycle.”

USA Today, August 23.2015

What I am most surprised at what has become socially acceptable is that you idiots have been allowed to amass $1.19 Trillion dollars in 10-20 year debt without the ability or possibility to pay it back.

What bank in their right mind would hand that money over to children?

And your parents, counselors, and colleges lied to you about what will happen when you graduate. Someone else will pay for it. As you get out of college…you become “someone else.”

THAT is the Boomers’ fault.

Gen X’ers got screwed.

You guys get really screwed.  Many, more of you will die because of this issue than us. The sad part is that our kids will ultimately pay.

They will fight the wars. They will pay the taxes.

It seems like this might just go on forever for you.

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